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Madi B Webb is a content creator and entrepreneur who uses her platforms as a tool to empower women to feel confident, beautiful, and powerful in whatever they wear or do. Through curated personality, fashion oriented content, and short form videos, Madi B is able to connect with millions of women and monetize that audience through marketing strategies based on algorithmic research and trust within her community. 


A 24 year old self-made self-funded entrepreneur and social media influencer, her content is a unique blend of fashion tips and inspiration, mental health and wellness tips, education and entertainment; all with the goal of empowering young women. Drawing on her expertise in influencer management and strategic approach to social media, Madi B Webb has grown her following on TikTok to 2.4 Million followers. Off the back of this growth, she has launched and managed four businesses, as well as managed over four employees. 


Madi B’s focus has now shifted back to content curation and connection within her community, and looks forward to all of the new facets of entertainment she will be embarking on in 2023. We can look forward to seeing more high quality video content on social media, travel content, walking on runways, speaking on panels, and long form video content whether that be on YouTube or a Podcast. 

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